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AZ Hard MoneyApplewood Funding Inc offers AZ hard money loans for those who qualify.  When banks and other lenders are not helping you, consider Applewood Funding.  We specialize in private loans for home, property and real estate purchases. When conventional funding avenues lead nowhere, we can be the answer to your financial problems.  Applewood Funding offers private capital for real estate transactions.  Servicing residents in Phoenix and surrounding areas, we are the AZ hard money lender you are looking for.

“Residential hard money” is a non-bankable cash loan on an investment single family home (or duplex). This type of loan is sometimes called a “no-doc” private loan. Residential hard money loan is based on the borrower’s hard assets: their residential investment real estate is used as the collateral for the loan. If you need hard money fast, Applewood Funding Inc is the way to go: we usually close a loan application faster than a bank can.

Applewood Funding Inc also offers “Commercial hard money” loans. The loan is based on commercial asset rather than the the borrower’s credit. Because we evaluate your assets instead of your credit, Applewood Funding can often give loans for transactions which normally don’t qualify for a traditional commercial loan.

Who needs a loan from Applewood Funding Inc?

  • Those who have less than perfect credit
  • Those who are/were in foreclosure
  • People who need cash-out debt consolidation
  • Those who need owner-occupied and non owner-occupied housing
  • People who want to purchase and/or refinance
  • People who declared bankruptcy recently
  • Those who need no-seasoning requirements

Hard Money Loans Criteria:

  • No Minimum Fico Score Required
  • No seasoning requirements
  • Minimal Financial Documentation(Repayment ability must be shown)
  • Purchase (Investment and Owner Occupant)
  • Refinance (Investment and Owner Occupant)
  • Cross Collateralization OK
  • Loan term from 3 months to 5 years
  • Loan Amounts from $10,000 to $500,000 plus
  • Fast approvals
  • Fast fundings

AZ Hard Money Lending Markets:


Serving Phoenix AZ metro and other large city areas within Arizona.